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Dear Dr. Ahmad,

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation, on behalf of the Peace of Mind Foundation, for generously performing my eye surgery. The surgery was successful and I fully recovered after five days. I am astonished to see that doctors in the U.S. are just as kind, selfless, and respectful as those who have helped me in India where this kind of service is a cultural norm. Moreover, I felt so much at ease under your care that I did not worry even once about my surgery. I never thought I would have such a positive and painless recovery and am thankkful. I would like to extend my blessings to you and I hope that your helping virtue will carry you very far in life. I am also deeply thanful for your caring staff and their kindness.

Shree Shrutaprajna Saman

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

Thank you so much for all that you did to help me to look more like the lady I was created to be! There are so many positive attributes that you portrayed during the process. Most impressive to me was how you get down to the heart of the matter wirh tthe patient’s best interest in mind. It is so commendable that you trust that when you put the well being of others before your revenue, all will work out best for all. Thank you for caring so much about everything, and for the assurance of follow-up care/guidance if needed. Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing for me from here on out.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

Jean Miller

Dear Dr. Ahmad

I have been thinking of you (its hard not to, every time I look in the mirror, I see my eye!) and hope that you are having a good summer.Bob and I believe you made a bad experience so much better. We have raved about you to everyone! My eye looks great, people don’t even notice; not even my own family. So again, thanks. We think you are amazing.


Debbie Welch

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

A long overdue thank you for the wonderful results of my eyelid surgery. I can’t thank you enough for the care and concern you showed me before and after my procedure. I wish you could “bottle” your bedside manner. I’ll see you in August.

Anita Durham

Dear Dr. Panton,

Several years ago we discussed my having eye lid surgery. At the time you gave me the name of Dr. Amjad Z. Ahmad. I want to thank you for recommending Dr. Ahmad. My surgery was March 21, the results just after a week and a half are amazing. His office manner, surgery manner putting a person at ease is commendable. Thank you for sending me to such a wonderful Dr. I have already recommended him to friends and you should feel comfortable in doing the same.

Carlotta Ariola

Dr. Ahmad,

We are so pleased with the results of John’s surgery. Family and friends agree you are top notch! But I already knew that. Judging from multiple comments and compliments that you have received I have a strong feeling some more friends and family members of ours will be coming your way.

Thank you again!

Susan Mach

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

Thank you so much for removing my freckle on my lip. You did a great job and my lip has healed beautifully. I truly appreciate your hard work!


Christine Lasore

Thank you for making Sandy and Jan’s “Excellent Eye Adventure” so wonderful. Your accessibility, attention to detail, concern, and kindness were so appreciated. You are a permanent part of this memory!

Your favorites,

Jan and Sandy

Dr. Ahmad,

You couldn’t be more thoughtful, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Marlene Norris

Words cannot express my gratitude for your help in restoring my eyesight and your willingness to take me as a patient. It is wonderful to again be able to read as well as see my music, things I have not been able to do in a year and a half. Thank you for giving me back my life.

Ruth Anne

Dr. Ahmad,

Many thanks for your talent, skill, and compassionate care. Peter Panton was right on target when he recommended you. Remind me to ask you to draw a picture of your procedure.

Thanks again,

Gene Lawrence M.D.

For a Very Special Man!

Thank you

Teena Kotchka

Dr. Ahmad,

Thank you so much for doing the Ptosis repair and the lesion removal. I am so happy with the results. I have also let Dr. Crystal Hoffert know how pleased I am.

Thanks again,

Patty Willyard

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

A relationship is based on honesty. Thank you for being honest and helping me stop the spinning regarding my eye care. See you soon.


“C” Littlefield

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

Thank you for your care. Below is a review I posted on YELP.

Genuinely, Theodra Tsatsos:

I visited Dr. Ahmad a few months ago for a consult for some helpful restoration to the integritiy of my eyes. The history leading to my visit to Dr. Ahmad is that I was induced into some unnecessary procedures by a different surgeon. The result of the 1st surgeon’s work led me to a different 2nd surgeon for a correction of blepharoplasty. The 2nd surgeon’s work unfortunately caused even more asymmetry as well as damage (muscle and nerve) to my eyes. When I addressed this with the 2nd surgeon, we scheduled a surgery for correction. However, I was uncomfortable with him because his assessments were that my better eye needed to look more like the more damaged eye that could not close. After months of searching I found Dr. Ahmad, and can tell you that this is the first real doctor who has demonstrated the genuine acts of the HIppocratic Oath. He took his time to perform a complete exam, his insights, and he showed true integrity by NOT performing another surgery on me too early like the prior surgeon did. Dr. Ahmad is oen of the rare physicians who revealed to me that his mission is to heal and not pick my picket, which sadly has been picked a lot by other doctors. Although Dr. Ahmad has not performed a procedure on me yet, I am confident that I am in the care of a practitioner who will do all in his power to give a patient the best result. With patience and care, I believe that the inegrity and function of my eyes will be restored as best as possible.

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