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Graves Eye Disease

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Before Orbital Decompression

After Orbital Decompression

Before – Recession of Left Upper Eyelid

After – Recession of Left Upper Eyelid

Before – Orbital Decompression on Right

After 1 week- Orbital Decompression on Right

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We are happy to explain about cosmetic surgery (Puffy Upper Eyelids, Puffy Lower Eyelids, Droopy Lids, Cosmetic Complication, Heavy Brows, Eyelid Bump, Wrinkled or Discolored Eyelids and Dark Circles under Eyes surgery) and reconstructive surgery like Eyelid Reconstruction, Eyelid Trauma, Lower Eyelid Issues, Tear Duct Issures and Graves Eye Disease surgeries. Please contact us today for consultation.

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