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All oculofacial surgeries have risks and benefits depending on the exact procedure planned. These risks include:

Trouble Closing – Our eyelids are supposed to close completely when we blink naturally or during sleep. Any procedure performed on the eyelids, especially reconstruction of the eyelids after cancer removal, can cause a temporary closing issues. This can be because the eyelids are tight after surgery or can be from weakness of the closing muscles around the eyelids. Moisturizing eye drops(not visine) can be used throughout the day to lubricate the eye. Sometimes eye gel or ointment can be used prior to sleep. Ointments will blur your vision but can be useful especially during sleep hours.

Bleeding – The eyelid area has many blood bessels which can ooze after surgery. During surgery cautery will be used to stop bleeding. Patients on asprin or other blood thinners should stop these medications prior to surgery. This should always be done in consultation with Dr. Ahmad.

Infection – Any surgical incision can become infected. Dr. Ahmad may need to place you on oral antibiotics to prevent infection especially if any implant is being placed.

Numbness – Any eyelid incision can cause numbness as the sensory nerves are almost always cut. The numbness usually resolves in 6 to 12 months but in some cases there may be permanent change in the senesation of the skin involved.

Scarring – Most eyelid incisions heal perfectly but there is always a risk of scarring especially if there is excessive bleeding, afer surgery infection, or other underlying medical problems that can promote poor wound healing.

Asymmetry – Our faces are not symmetrical, in face most people usually have pre-existing differences between the right side and the left side of their faces. Although Dr. Ahmad will make every attempt to make both sides look as equal as possible, the pre-existing difference and quality of the surgical tissue may make it impossible to make both sides exactly the same. If this outcome is not acceptable to you then surgery should not be performed.

Eye Irritation – Any surgery around the eyes can cause short-term irritation of the eyes. Most of the time artificial tears or eye ointments will improve this. Obviously people with pre-existing dryness or irritation of hte eyes will be at more risk for irritation after any eyelid surgery.

Need for more Surgery – There is always the possibility that another surgery may be needed if unforseen complications occur. There are some surgeries, for example lifting of the upper eyelid (ptosis repair), that may require early revision (within one week), to get the optimal results.

Dr. Ahmad will make every attempt to get the desired surgical outcome. It is important to remember that every person is unique and pre-existing eye conditions or underlying medical conditions may affect the final result of surgery.

Asprin or Asprin containing products can increase bleeding or bruising at the time of surgery. These should be discontinued seven days before surgery.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammation agents can increase bleeding or bruising at the time of surgery. These should be discontinued seven days prior to your procedure.

Other blood thinners will require special instructions which you can get by contacting the doctor.

The products below, among others, may affect your bleeding during surgery:

  • Acupril, Advil, Alkaseltzer, Anacin, Anaprox, Asprin, Azdone
  • Bayer Asprin, BC Headache Pdrs, Bufferin, Butalbital- Asp Cmd
  • Carisoprodol Asprin, Coumadin
  • Darvon, Disalcid
  • Easprin, Ecotrin, Empirin, Endodan, Equagesic, Excedrin
  • Fiorinal
  • Gelpirin
  • Halfprin, Healthprin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Lortab ASA
  • Methocarbamol Asp, Motrin, Mushrooms (fungus)
  • Naprosyn, Naproxen, Norgesic
  • Oxycodone Asprin
  • Panasal, PC-CAP, Propoxyphene, Peptobismol, Percodan
  • Robaxisal, Roxipin
  • Salflex, Salycilate, Soma Compound, Synalgos-DC
  • Talwin Compound
  • Vit E (large doses)
  • Warfarin

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