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Pictured Above: Bilateral Ectropion Repair

Ectropion is the pulling outwards of the eyelid. It is more commonly associated with the lower eyelid but can affect the upper as well. There are several types of ectropion including involutional (aging type), and cicatricial(scarring). Most ectropions are from aging changes of the eyelid associated with laxity of the eyelid. This can be repaired by tightening of the lower eyelid. A cicatricial ectropion is caused by scarring of the eyelid skin which can be caused from previous eyelid surgery (cosmetic or reconstructive). Patients with cicatricial ectropion may require more than simply eyelid tightening, but some patients may also need elevation and support of the eyelid and in some cases even skin grafting.

Ectropion can be handled medically. The most common symptom with ectropion is ocular irritation and tearing. The eye may look red and irritated in the area where the eye is exposed. Ocular lubricants of artificial tears and ointments can be very helpful in lubricating a dry ocular surface. Our eyelids are like windshield wipers, when they are not working correctly our eye (the windshield) will develop dry spots causing blurry vision and irritation.

Ectropion surgery can be repaired successfully in most cases. Ectropion repair can be performed in the office or in a surgery center or hospital. Dr. Ahmad will discuss which location wil be most appropriate for you depending on your underlying medical problems and the surgical solution needed to fix the problem.

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