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An oculofacial surgeon is a board certified ophthalmologist who has done fellowship training in plastic surgery of the eyelid, orbit and facial areas. For example, Dr. Ahmad graduated from medical school at the University of Michigan and then did an ophthalmology residency. He then spent two years at the University of Michigan in an Oculofacial fellowship in which he learned the skill set to operate on the eyelids, orbit and facial regions. Dr. Ahmad‘s niche is in the eyelids. With his background in ophthalmology he is able to examine and understand the relationship between the eye and the eyelids.

Any patient who is having surgery of the eyelids or around the eyelids can benefit from an appointment with an oculofacial surgeon. Our vision is so important for our quality of life; any procedure around the eyelids has the potential to cause some problem with the natural blink of the eyelids causing eye irritation and possible visual issues.

We communicate with others through our eyes and eyelids. They are a personal reflection of who we are both in our personal and our professional lives. Small, puffy and wrinkled eyelids give the appearance of a tired, unenergetic person. Open and smooth eyelids give the appearance of a well-rested energetic person.

Dr. Ahmad treats patients of all age. Some patients require reconstructive sugery like a child with a droopy eyelid or an adult patient who needs a new eyelid built after skin cancer removal. Many patients have eye irritation which can be improved with eyelid surgery. Some patients have eye irritation because their eyelids are malpositioned (see entropion or ectropion sub-page). Other patients have trouble closing their eyelids from previous surgery(cosmetic or reconstructive) and can be helped with eyelid surgery. Many patients have trouble with tearing, which can be multifactorial, (see Tearing sub-page).

Other patients desire cosmetic improvement in their appearance which can require facial surgery. Some patients have a combination of reconstructive and cosmetic issues. For example a patient with an eyelid that obscures or blocks the pupil can be lifted to improve vision, at the same time Dr. Ahmad can tighten and rejuvenate the entire eyelid area.

Patients who have bulging of the eyes or eye asymmetry can benefit from an appointment with a oculofacial surgeon. Bulging of the eyes can be a sign of Graves Eye Disease which is related to the thyroid gland function. These patients have eye issues as well as change in their overall appearance. An oculofacial surgeon understands the intricacies of these disorders, helping to put a final plan together which will eventually, and hopefully improve the quality of life and overall appearance of the face.

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